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iPhone 7 32GB Dropped in Water, How to Fix it

Many smart phone users get the similar experience that smart phone drops in swimming pool, close stool and even put in into washing machine with clothes and pants. Suppose that you drop you iPhone into the water, then how will you feel, what are you going to deal with, which is the correct way, what can we do to avoid the further damage? All right, here we take iPhone 7 as an example, let’s take these doubts to read the solution of iPhone 7 32GB dropped in water.


How to deal with iPhone 7(32GB) dropped in water? Hey you can follow the steps about the process.

Step 1: Take iPhone 7 out of Water Rapidly

When you meet this issue, don’t be panic! You need to take it out of water as soon as possible. There are some tests show that if iPhone 7 dropped in water and be out of water in 10 seconds, it can still be used as usual. Therefore, once it is fall into water, the users should not be alarmed, just get the phone from the water rapidly!

Step 2: Close iPhone 7

After you get the iPhone, you need to close it quickly. Just press the Power button to get it closed. If that can’t help, you are capable of pressing Home and Power button at the same time to forced shutdown.

Note: Do not open start it up absolutely. If you shut it up, it will form eddy current, cause short circuit, and then lead to burn out of the phone main board. Consequently, remember that do not power on your iPhone 7 once it drops into water.

Step 3: Dismount iPhone 7 Case

Generally speaking, most iPhone 7 users will add a phone case to their phone. Therefore, after closing it, you must take out the case. This is for the sake of preventing the water into iPhone main board.

Step 4: Wipe iPhone 7

After step 3, you had better use the dry towel or tissue to wipe out ever part of the phone for several minutes. Do not move or shake it too continually, in case of the water in the phone to move everywhere. Shake will lead to the water spreading and if it touch the non-water-tight element, will generate worse result.

Step 5: Take out SIM card

After the above step, you need to take out SIM card as soon as possible and take it the dry and ventilated place. Taking the SIM care away from the iPhone, can avoid losing contacts information.

Step 6: Blot up iPhone 7 the hydrops of fuselage holes

After the above step, you had better blot up the hydrops of the fuselage holes. For example, using a swab to do that.

Step 7: Integral Drying

After the above operation, if the condition allows, try to put the iPhone 7 into a bag that is full of rice. Try you best to evacuate the air in the bag, and then seal it. Remember that do not put the bag next to hyperpyrexia environment.

Step 8: Wait for 36 hours patiently

At this time, you had better not open the bag frequently to check whether it is dry or not. Nor even attempt to boot the iPhone 7. The best suggestion for you is to wait for at least 36 hours and then power it on.


1. If it is not clean liquid, but the corrosive liquid, we suggest you to power iPhone 7 off and then take it to the professional repair shop right now. Because if you mishandle it, it may lead to the secondary damage. What’s more, some corrosive liquid needs the professional tool to handle, do not take risk to touch it.

2. Even you have finished the above process and your iPhone is able to boot as usual, you are necessary to take it to have a professional maintenance, to check if there is any damage in the internal hardware.

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