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How to Unlock iPod Backup Password That I Never Setup One

unlock iPod Touch backup password

iPod backup password unlock

Once I try to backup my iPod it asks for passwords but I wouldn’t remember setting one?

How do I unlock iPod backup password?

I really must restore my iPod Touch but I want to support it first well, I don’t want lose everything. I just purchase iTunes to my new Toshiba laptop and that I did everything. I haven’t copied any apple device on this laptop before. I haven’t stored my iPod ever and that I’ve been with them for six months. I am trying for password strength to unlock my iPod backup. I attempted my apple password and it didn’t work. And I also never set any password for them. What’s my password for my iPod backup then? So when time passes into iTunes on here and continue to sign into my account it is going to load forever all of which will never sign me in. I have connection too. So please answer my question:

What’s my password for my iPod backup?

Firstly, I tried to change backup password via Keychain Access.
Step one; open Keychain Access via searching Keychain Access in the spotlight search. A window will prompt.
Step two; enter “iPhone Backup” in the Keychain Access search box.
Step three; click your iPhone Backup name twice from the listed name.
Step four; click the show password checkbox.
Step five; input your “login” keychain password, sometimes, the password may be your administrator password. Then click “Allow”, the backup password will be showed in the textbox.
Actually, this does not work for my iPod Touch.

Greatly, there is wonderful tool to help me solve the question. That is iPhone Backup Password Recovery. Look at the following three easy steps to find lost backup password on iPod.

The first step: Download iPhone Backup Password Recovery and import encrypted backup file
Download iPhone Backup Password Recovery from a pc via and setup the tool. Then run this tool. It’ll need you import the encrypted backup file via click “Open”.

The second step: Choose attack method to reset iPod backup password.

Three types of attack modes are supported. Please choose anybody as your needs. They’re: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. While, I selected Dictionary Attack mode that helped me to my password list possesses a great file!

The last step: Retrieve lost iPod backup password to bring back lost data.
During several minutes, I gained the password quickly. Recently I need to click “Copy” possibly at night time password to string out the backup file password.

In this case I think it isn’t hard and also I am now able to disable backup password in iTunes.

For more clearly procedure, please read video on how to unlock iPod backup password:

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