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iPhone security problem – Do you encrypt your iPhone Backup

unlock iPhone backup password

unlock encrypt iPhone backup password

iPhone security problem – Do you encrypt your iPhone Backup?

Most mobile devices today do not a have physical keyboard, making it harder for users to utilize motor learning to remember complex passwords. Therefore we believe it is safe to assume that, on average, the complexity of a password that has to be entered routinely on a mobile device will be lower than that of a password that is used on devices with physical keyboards.

I personally do not keep any data on my computers. It’s all stored on encrypted flash drives. I now realize that’s not the case. Due to my iPhone, I have sensitive information stored in Documents and Settings. My initial solution was to move the backup folder to my encrypted flash drive. But it’s not a good solution, as I have to remember to move the folder after every sync.
Before I moved the folder, I decided to sync my iPhone. Talk about being embarrassed. There it was, right in the options on the Summary tab. A checkbox titled “Encrypt iPhone backup” with an option to change the password.

Sounds good to me, I checked the box and initiated a backup. After the sync was completed, I decided to see what the encrypted files looked like. The first example below is of a .mdinfo file before being encrypted:

bplist00?XMetadata^StorageVersionWVersion[AuthVersion[IsEncryptedO'bplist00?TPathWVersionXGreylistVDomain]iTunesArtworkS3.0_%AppDomain-com.basevelocity.RadarScope.<@A iS1.0S3.0+3?Kà?è

The next example was the same file after being encrypted:

bplist00?^StorageVersionXMetadataWVersion[AuthVersion[IsEncryptedS1.0O?%P?01TMw?7?IPi¢Tbyah(g|ò¢@TP...cYˉ$μn'zí2?ón}I?ùK???W=Y?w?3oqWz,C& lt;à?]?tH?Y?e??aó?H?u‰’óf?¢§o$èèa`R??co‘?&J?as-?¨zm?^′ ·!q?7XUb§oj??&?§¤<n-úff±úàG?z^_á′I?¢P?

I mentioned what I learned to an IT colleague. She said it wasn’t that big of a deal. Someone would need physical and security access to the computer in question. That’s true, but entirely possible. Also, there could be malware specifically developed to steal the critical .mddata files.
Either way, my friend is now happy and I am encrypting my backups. I also wanted to share my new-found knowledge with you, just in case you want to do the same.

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