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Remove Backup Password to iPod Touch

remove backup password to iPod

remove iPod backup password

Nowadays, iPod, as one of the hottest media we many people may own, we ofter go for iPod just to save and luxuriate in music that individuals like, watch videos that individuals prefer and store materials we want. The majority of Apple fans may own their particular iPod to take pleasure from great life. We’ve got to say that iPod makes our life more colorful and amusing. But, we also experience some tricky things brought from iPod. For instance, if we wish to update our iPod software, there’s a backup already saved on our computer? How should we do now? Did you know the way to remove this kind of backup to obtain all data on iPod quickly?

How to remove iPod backup?

Step 1.You need open iTunes. Then you will change some preferences so you will not turn off backup in your later usage.
Step 2. After enter the Preferences from iTunes, click the Devices tab at the top of the window.
Step 3. There will be a list of all of the various iPods synced to your computer. Then choose the iPod you have to remove by clicking Delete Backups.
Step 4. Click on your iPod and choose the Back Up Now option after you go back to the iTunes main window. Then do as the following:

How to Remove Backup on iPod via Different OS

On Windows 7/Vista
Step 1. Go to Users, enter your username and click on Appdata.
Step 2. Go to Roaming, click on Apple, and enter Mobilesync’s backup. Turn off from here.

On Windows XP
Step 1. You need go into your Documents, then Settings.
Step 2. Enter your username and enter application data.
Step 3. Click on Apple > Mobilesync > Backup, and re,pve upir any old backups in a similar fashion.

On Mac
Step 1. Go into your iTunes library and then application support.
Step 2. From there go into Mobilesync and click on Backup.
Step 3. If you see any old backups saved from previous occasions you can delete them.
While, after trying the above methods on how to delete iPod backup from different operation system, none of them work for your iPod, you may have to delete your iTunes completely and then reinstall the software. Pity that it may cause your data lost on your iPod. While, you just then can start backing up your iPod.

What to do if need remove backup password to iPod?

When we update our iPod device, there asks for a password to unlock iPod backup file. We may forget backup password or never setup such a password for iPod backup. Then what will you do to turn off iPod backup password and get data on iPod?

Follow the most quickest and easiest way to remove backup password on iPod:

Step 1.Get pro tool – iPod Backup Password Recovery. Download it from , set it up and run it on computer based on Windows os. (It doesn’t work for Mac).

Step 2. Import the targeted encrypted backup file.
The app will lead you to import file by clicking “Open”. There are different file stored path for different Windows os:
On Windows 7/Vista, the file is stored in: \Users\ (username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
On Win XP, the file stored in: \Documents and Settings\ (username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

Step 3: Opt for the right Attack Mode for password remover
Choose one of the three ways of attacking modes from tool: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.
The Brute-force Attack tries all possible character combinated at random. So it will cost you relatively long time to get password. So, you can take a tea time to have a tea waiting minutes; then the backup password will be found.
The Brute-force with Mask Attack will shorten attacking time if you can support more info on your forgotten password.
The Dictionary Attack will try kinds of words from a relatively exhaustive dictionary list that can be provided by yourself or the defaulted by the app.

Step 4: Unlock iPod backup password
When you finish choosing the appropriated attack mode, click “Start” to recover lost backup password in iPod. Within the least time cost, you can get back the lost backup password and all your data on iPod is still there.

Also, for detailed operations, we can get guide via video on how to remove backup password for iPod: