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How to Recover Deleted Data in iPhone When iPhone 5S Release

Release iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S Release, Upgrade iPhone Lost Data


For most of us Apple fans, the release of next generation of new iPhone is the most expected and striking event!

Expect iPhone 5S Release with its new technologies

According to foreign media reports, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White revealed in the latest Apple product research report, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S will be expected to be released this summer, and would continue to use 4-inch screen. Also, the report said that fingerprint recognition scan function will be the iPhone 5S’ largest killer application, just like the original iPhone 4S’ Siri.

It is worth noting that, fingerprint technology will become a differentiating feature of the Apple iPhone 5S.

For people who focus on iPhone continuously, if the next generation of Apple iPhone just stays on the upgrade of hardware, then there is no doubt it will be difficult to gain user acceptance.

It is also mentioned that the iPhone 5S will opt for some new technologies, including Apple’s next-generation faster A7 processor, the smart flash technology, fingerprint security chip technology, and so on. In addition, the iPhone 5S will opt for iPhone 5 aluminum case, and may be equipped with a larger capacity battery with 1600mAh.

Just as the former iPhone release, we many iPhone users will meet some troubles on data security, such as transfer data from old iPhone to new-generation iPhone, upgrade iPhone software and jailbreak, etc.

Well, when upgrade iPhone iOS, what should we do if all data lost in iPhone?

I collect some 2 methods to recover deleted data from iPhone after upgrade iOS.

Method 1: Recover deleted data from iPhone with iTunes
If you have the habit of backup your iPhone with iTunes, you will probably have the chance to get your data back. Just sync your iPhone with iTunes, and then the last backup that iTunes took of your iPhone has all the data that you want back.

Method 2: Recover deleted iPhone data with third-party software
Though the third-party software will cost us some money, it can help us solve problem within less time and energy! At the common situation, it may be our last straw after trying many free methods!
Such as to get iPhone data recovery software from to help recover lost data in iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, etc. Follow the below steps after downloading the software and start run it:
Situation one: if there is no backup in iTunes/iCloud,
Step 1: connect iPhone with computer; select the mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device”
Step 2: Enter the DFU mode
Step 3: Scan iPhone after accessing DFU
Step 4: Preview lost data and recover scanned data

Situation two: If there is backup for iPhone in iTunes
Step 1: Choose mode of “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” and scan files
Note: At this step, if the iTunes backup files were encrypted, the data recovery tool can’t work then. We need unlock encrypted iTunes backup password firstly with “iPhone Backup Unlocker” and then for further operation!
Step 2: Preview scanned lost files and recover them.

Actually, if we often do backup for our data in iPhone, things will be easier for us to recover lost iPhone data! So, we need develop good habit:
1: Backup in iTunes weekly even more frequently
2: Take iCloud backup, this also makes sure you find lost data easily.