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I can’t remember my iPhone backup password!

can't remember iPhone backup password

I can’t remember iPhone backup password

Does anyone know how to get the iPhone backup password? I got a shiny new iPhone 5 yesterday, and I’m sunk at prompt with “Enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup.” I can’t remember password to iPhone backup!

I tried to turn it on; connect to iTunes (11.0) as instructed. Activation process started, and then got “Enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup.”

So pity! I entered an iPhone backup password years ago when the feature was first implemented. I used a strong password, and asked that it be stored in the keychain. It has worked all these years. Now, suddenly, I’m supposed to remember it? What’s the purpose of a keychain?

Keychain Access finds nothing useful with keywords: iPhone, backup, iOS, iTunes…

Online, there are dozens of people reporting the same problem, but the only answers anyone gets are “you idiot, if you forget your password you get what you deserve.” But they didn’t “forget” their password; they just followed security best practice and used strong passwords that weren’t re-used. They trusted the Apple keychain would remember them.

I have also called Apple. While on hold, AT&T switches service from my iPhone 4 to my not-yet-functioning iPhone 5. Now I have no phone service at all.

I got suggestions around the Internet for hours! Luckily, the “iPhone Backup Password Recovery” lends me a helping hand! Just do as following:
Step one: Download application of iPhone Backup Password Recovery and import the encrypted backup file
Download the application from to your Windows or Mac computer and install the tool as its guide. Then run this tool. It’ll lead you import the encrypted backup file via click “Open”.

Step two: Choose your right way of attack to change password
3 varieties of attack modes are supported by the tool. We can choose any one as our needs. They are Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. While, I select Dictionary Attack mode which help solved the issue as I supported my personal password list file to the tool.

Step three: Begin to retrieve password for iPhone backup
within minutes, you could potentially gain the password quickly. Just have click “Copy” to paste the password cracked and go to unlock locked backup file.

So easy three steps to recover locked iPhone backup password with the pro tool! Although I have tried method below, I still can’t get out of problem!

Re-syncing the iPhone 4 (worked, of course, without a password) and restoring to the iPhone 5, but I again get the dreaded “Enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup.” I tried to back up the iPhone 4 without using a password but iTunes won’t let me remove iPhone backup password protection without knowing the old password — which, apparently, only iTunes knows.

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