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How to Recover iPhone 7 Data with iTunes

As everyone knows, when you connect iPhone 7 to your computer, iTunes will launch automatically and sync your iPhone 7 with it at all times. He keeps a separate backup file containing all your iPhone data, such as photos, contacts, calendar, messages etc. These files are SQlitedb, so if you want to extract the iPhone 7 data from iTunes backup and retrieve data on your iPhone 7, you’ll need a tool like iPhone Data Recovery.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, it is possible to extract iPhone 7 data from iTunes backup without restoration of their devices via iTunes. They allow you to extract data, including music, SMS, voice memos, calendars, call logs, photos, videos, contacts, notes and etc. Those data can be instantly transferred and stored in a folder on your computer. Here’s a guide you can follow to get the iPhone Data Recovery once you have downloaded the software.


Warning: Do not sync your iPhone 7 with iTunes after you find lost data on your iPhone 7. As iTunes updates the backup file each time when you synchronize with it. So if you synced your iPhone 7 again, the backup file will be overwritten by the content of your iPhone, and the lost data never recover.

Step 1. Scan the backup file

Download iPhone Data Recovery on your PC. Install and run this software on your computer. Be careful not to connect and sync your iPhone 7 with iTunes after losing the data on your iPhone 7. Or it can overwrite the lost data. All iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch you synced with iTunes, iPhone Data Recovery will display these files in them from iTunes backups. You just need to choose the correct backup file and click “Start Scan”.

Step 2. Extract the iTunes backup files to recover lost iPhone 7 data

After scanning, all backup files can be viewed. You can preview what you want to check. When you want to extract, select what you want to extract and click “Recover” and save them on your computer.

Now you have got your iPhone 7 data back with iTunes.