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How to export bookmarks from iPhone to Mac

export bookmarks from iphone to mac

This is a mayday come from Apple rumors forum. Indeed, similar situations always happen to Apple device user. In daily using for iPhone, user need to deal with various problems. The mayday from this friend is one of the example, any accidental deletion can make you annoyed. So, how to fix this problem that Sarafi bookmarks transfering from iPhone to Mac?

Fast way 1—iCloud Syncing

Apple designs its all products as a ecosystem.Users can their device conveniently! iCloud is one of the most important part in this cycle. It can help user to sync data between differe Apple products, of coure including Safari bookmark.

You can go to Settings, tap into iCloud, you can see Safari,enable syncing by draging. Then iCloud will sync your iPhone Safari bookmarks to cloud server. And the open System Preferences in your Mac computer, enable Safari sync as in iPhone. Finally, you can make your iPhone bookmarks appear in Safari on Mac computer.

export bookmarks from iphone to mac


Fast way 2: Export iPhone bookmarks to Mac with iPhone Data Recovery for Mac

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac
is a professional tool that could help you transfer iPhone camera roll to Mac. Even the photos are deleted you still have a chance to transfer them to Mac with this tool. Step to use is quite simple.

The step to transfer iPhone safari bookmarks to Mac with iPhone Data Recovery for Mac is also easy!



Firstly, conenct your phone to computer and launch iPhone Data Recovery for Mac.

Then make the program scan your devices,after scanning you can view your safari bookmarks in iPhone.

Finally, choose the bookmark you want to save in Mac and click “Recover” to export to computer.