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How to Recover Deleted iMessages from an iPhone 6+/6

Can you recover deleted iMessages on iPhone 6?
Recently I cleared all the iMessages history on my iPhone 6 accidentally, and lost the conversation with an important friend. I know that it is possible to restore iMessages from a backup but I have no backup. Is there any way I can get them back?

The answer is yes you can. Recovering iMessages from iPhone 6 is possible and not difficulty. In this case, you need a third party data recovery program for iPhone 6. Tenorshare iPhone 6 Data Recovery software, which apply for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, is the best qualified and most famous.

recover deleted iMessages on iPhone 6

To recover deleted iMessages on iPhone 6 without backup:
a. Download iPhone 6 iMessages Recovery tool (Windows or Mac)
b. Install program and launch it, switch to recovery mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device”.
c. Connect iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ with computer via cable. This program will start to scan all the data on iPhone 6 after the connection.
d. When the scan is over, click the “Messages” catalogue to view the lost or deleted iMessages. (Note: the iMessages will be displayed as blue color)
e. Check those iMessages need to recover and click the “Recover” button.

Attention: if you can’t find all the lost iMessages after the scan, that’s mean they have been covered by the new data that they gone forever. Thus, use this iPhone 6 data recovery software to undelete iMessages as soon as possible.

Then, is it possible that all the iMessages on iPhone 6 can be recovered after lost or deleted? Yes, as long as you have backed up iMessages with iTunes or iCloud, the iMessages can be retrieved without losing.

If you’re lucky enough to have the lost iMessages stored in backup file, then the Tenorshare iPhone 6 data recovery software we mentioned above also able to find back iPhone 6 iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup files easily and quickly. In the following I will describe how to do it with few simple words.

Quick Look for how to recover iMessages on iPhone 6 from iTunes Backup
+Disable automatic syncing in iTunes until extract all the iMessages.
+Install and launch iPhone 6 recovery program on the PC where the iTunes backup file stored.
+Switch to “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” Mode.
+Scan backup file, preview iMessages and select the files to recover.

Quick Look for How to restore iMessages on iPhone 6 from iCloud Backup
+Switch to “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File” mode.
+Enter iCloud account information to download iCloud backup file.
+Scan, preview, choose and recover iMessages.

This iPhone 6 data recovery software can recover iPhone 6 data more than iMessages, you’re also able to recover text messages, photos, notes, calendar, voice memo etc. Can’t believe? Just go and have a try!