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How to Recover Data from a Water Damaged iPhone

Water damaged iPhone 5S! How to get data from it?
I dropped my iPhone 5S into water. I left it for two days to dry out but it still couldn’t turn on. I have over 500 photos on it, though I have backed up my photos with iTunes, I can’t restore data back to my iPhone. I am wonder if there is a way to recover photos from water damaged iPhone?

Maybe you would be flustered when you are in such trouble. Please calm down and learn these three things firstly:

  • Don’t build on Apple Store. Apple Store probably won’t offer you any help with it.
  • Don’t believe it if someone tell you there’s no way to retrieve your data from water damaged iPhone.
  • Don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes even the water damaged iPhone can turn on. Remember it!

I can assure you iPhone data still can be retrieved after water damaged! Then how to do it? I don’t recommend recovering data with the solutions provided by Apple. Firstly, if your iPhone won’t turn on, it is impossible to restore data back to iPhone. Secondly, the restore data will cover all the current files on iPhone. Moreover, Apple doesn’t offer any way to recover iPhone data without backup. Therefore, it is highly recommend using Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program to retrieve data from water damaged iPhone.
recover data from water damaged iphone
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is a perfect tool that it allows you to recover data with three ways, and it supports up to 16 types of file recovery including photos, contacts, text messages, notes, bookmarks, WhatsApp messages, calendar and more. Such powerful tool actually is very easy to handle for its simple UI and few operations.

Three Ways to recover data from water damaged iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 with iPhone data recovery software

1.    Extract data from water damaged iPhone via iTunes backup file
Select the recovery mode of “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” for iTunes data recovery, the scan and recovery are both very fast.

2.    Restore data from water damaged iPhone via iCloud backup file
Choose the recovery of “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File” to restore iPhone data from iCloud selectively. The recovered data will be saved on computer.

3.    Retrieve data from water damage iPhone without backup
If you haven’t backed up data and luckily the iPhone can be turn on and connected with computer, then the recovery mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device” is great for you.

For the detailed steps of iPhone data recovery water damage, please check out this tutorial: Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS