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How to remove iOS ads on apps easily

I think many users of the iOS device may have a same problem which is that so many ads appear on the screen when they play games like Plants VS Zombies or use some apps. APPs always push spam ads to your iPhone iPad or iPod. It is terrible, but now don’t panic, I will share solutions how to remove iOS ads free.

Solution 1:iOS Ads Remover
IOS Ads Remover is a user-friendly program to remove app ads on IOS device, what impressed me is the good quality. This software’s biggest feature is having the same quality as the charged software, but it is free, in addition, it is easy-to-use and can remove ads completely with all ios devices support. Now you can download this world’s 1st iOS ads remover free
Here is the guide how to use this ios ads killer, it is so easy that you can remove just in four steps
1. Connect your device with it
2. Scan ads in your device, just click “Start Scan” to scan apps on your device.
3. Choose the ads that you want to remove in the ads list. After scanning ads, there will be an ads list, select ads you want to remove iOS ads, remove iOS ads,how to remove iOS ads4. Click “Remove ” button to remove ads in your device. After a while, the ads in your device will be blocked completely.

Solution 2: AdBlock for iOS
This iOS ads killer can remove YouTube video pop-up ads, and banner ads on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. But this program has the limitation that it only supports iOS 7.0 and above, If your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is with iOS 6. You can’t use it. Or you can switch to iOS Ads Remover which works perfectly with iOS 7.0

Solution 3: Turn on Airplane mode or Turn off WIFI
Ads are transferred by remote ad servers, if you cut off internet with remote ad servers, ads can’t be transferred to your IOS device. You can disable Wi-Fi to stop ad server communication: go to Settings > Wi-Fi > OFF or turn on AirPlane mode to block iOS ads: go to Settings and flip AirPlane Mode to “On”.
As for some online games and apps, this is not a good idea, because they need to connect Internet to work normally. iOS Ads Remover allows you to block Apps ads when you turn on the Internet or WIFI

Solution 4: Pay to the game
As for those who push ads to iOS device, there is still a way to remove ads. Part of games allow users to purchase to remove ads on games. After you pay for the Games, there will no ads on screen. In some degree, this is a free way to remove ads because the money you paid is used in games instead of removing annoying pop-up ads

Among these solutions to remove iOS ads, using iOS Ads Remover is better than others. Besides it is free, this software can remove ads on Ios safely and quickly. Remove iOS Ads in Apps now!